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As a hunting or fishing business operator you have a lot of choices in how you spend your marketing dollars. At Fin & Field we get asked all the time why someone should advertise their business with us, and we put together this list of FAQs to answer that question and many more.

Q: I get approached all the time to advertise, how many people search Fin & Field for fishing and hunting guides?

A: Sportsmen are performing thousands of searches a month on Fin & Field….and many are following/favoriting operators to stay up-to-date on the local action. It is also worth noting that these searches are being performed by highly engaged sportsmen not general internet users. Our audience members on average spend thousands of dollars a year to go hunting or fishing, spend more time outdoors than the average sportsman, and are the perfect audience for your business.

Q: Since you will be promoting me on Facebook, how large is your social media audience?

A: Through social media we are currently reaching over 1 million people every month! We have more than 120,000 followers across all of our social media channels including twitter and instagram.

Q: I already rank highly on google searches for fishing/hunting in my area. What is the added benefit of working with Fin & Field?

A: Well done! Showing up in local searches isn’t easy. In order to gain a large audience, Fin & Field focuses on local and national marketing strategies. Not everyone who is planning a trip knows exactly where they want to go. You need a national marketing plan to capture those customers. And dominating a google search with multiple placements helps too.

Q: Beyond google, how does Fin & Field promote businesses like mine?

A: Fin & Field helps provide exposure beyond google through strategic partnerships, sponsoring tournaments and events, social media, email and more. We recently ran a contest (read about it here) that exposed more than 300,000 sportsmen to the businesses featured. You can read about our Bonnier partnership that is giving us access to 20 million sportsmen. And check out our recent sponsorship of the White Marlin Open where we were able to promote billfish conservation and a lot of our charter boats operators. These are just a few outside-the-box examples of how we work hard to promote your business.

Q: How will Fin & Field save me money?

A: Fin & Field spends money on your behalf to advertise on google, Facebook, and with other media partners to make it cheaper than ever for you to reach a large audience of engaged sportsmen. Some of our advertising drives traffic to our destination pages where we feature operators, and sometimes we advertise individual operators directly. Operators like you are leveraging Fin & Field to save money by advertising more cost effectively. In the process you can streamline your paid business and website solutions and avoid costly no-shows with our booking confirmation process. In fact, our packages start at a discounted price of $60 for the whole year and provide you all of our business management tools, access to our social networks, and a profile page that appears on relevant search result pages so sportsmen can find you and book trips.

Q: It is not all about money, I don’t have a lot of time to manage my advertising. How will Fin & Field save me time and make my life easier?

A: We designed our solutions with time savings in mind. A simple Facebook integration that you set up once will keep your profile fresh and up to date, we have a messaging system that makes it easy to email your contacts, we have automatic reminder emails that are sent to customers who have booked a trip, and we have automated prompts for customers to leave a review after the trip. But most importantly we do all the audience building and promotion on your behalf, our goal is for you to spend more time on the water or in the field and less time managing your business.

To find out more about the operator packages you can visit our information page or call us at 855-801-2801.


About Fin & Field

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Fin & Field is all about finding your next adventure. We’re working hard to provide the most comprehensive listing of services, reviews, and far reaching community available to help you take the guesswork out of planning your next adventure.

We believe in the ethical pursuit of hunting and fishing adventures and support taking from the land only what you can use and leaving it in better shape than you found it.

Tight Lines & Happy Hunting!

Visit us at www.finandfield.com


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