Take time to pick the perfect spot to sit!

In that frenetic first second after a gobbler fires back at your calls, where you sit down and set up may not seem that important—and obviously you have other things on your mind. Truth is, taking the time to pick the perfect playing field can mean the difference between calling that tom to your gun or having him hang up out of range. So before just plopping down at the base of the nearest tree so you can start your calling, keep in mind these five places that just aren’t worth a sit.

Thick cover presents two problems. One, turkeys typically won’t venture into an area where their vision is compromised. Two, if you can’t see the turkey because of heavy brush, you can’t kill it. Better to remember the old adage “Cover behind makes the best blind” and keep the area in front of you open for the shot.

You may think that you found a…

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