7 Cold Weather Tips

Ford and Brezhnev 1974 wearing warm winter hats

Here are some quick tips for staying comfortable while enjoying your hunting or fishing adventures in the winter months.

1. Stay Dry


It’s easier to stay dry than to dry off, especially when it’s cold out. Depending on your activity, you may need to have waterproof boots, gloves, pants, jacket and hood. Try to keep sweating to a minimum and wear wicking base layers to keep your skin dry. Water will draw heat out of you and lower your body temp making you, at the very least, uncomfortable.

2. Wear a Warm Hat


The accepted logic is that you lose most heat through your head. There is a debate about whether that is due to biology or because it’s the largest amount of exposed skin, but the solution is the same. Wear a warm hat to retain as much heat as possible.

4. Layer your Clothes


Make sure to wear layers. Wearing several thin layers helps for several reasons. They keep you warmer by trapping more air and that air acts as extra insulation. Having layers also helps you stay dry by keeping you from sweating. As your activity level increases or the day warms up you can remove layers. Multiple layers allows for a wicking layer, thermal layer(s), and a weather proof shell.

3. Bring Extra Heat


There are many products that will help you generate extra heat. Hand Warmers will generate heat for several hours. They can be easily slipped into a pocket and even a boot.

ThermaCare heat wraps are designed to deliver heat as a means of pain management. The back wrap covers a large portion of your core and produces heat for a very long time. It’s one way to stay extra toasty during your outdoor adventure.

5. Stay Nourished


Calories are literally units of heat. The cold combined with the challenge of navigating snowy and icy conditions means you burn more calories than usual. To stay warm you will need to replace those and then some. Sandwiches, dried fruit, nuts, and cheese are all great choices for staying warm and keeping your energy up.

6. Stay Hydrated


You must drink water, probably more than you feel like since you won’t feel as thirsty as on hot days. Cold air is drier, even if you aren’t sweating you are still losing water to the environment. You also use up water to make energy and maintain body temp. An insulated water bottle is best so your water won’t freeze.

7. Use SunProtection

Woman in a winter mountain putting sunsceen on her face.

The uv index is lower so your skin won’t burn as fast, but you are still absorbing UV radiation. Make sure to protect your exposed skin with the sunscreen of your choice. This is doubly important if there is snow. If you have a brimmed hat it won’t block the glare off the snow and you can get a nasty burn. A neck and face gaiter will also keep you protected from the sun and help you retain heat.

Now go enjoy your winter wonderland!



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