New Year’s Resolution Grab Bag

New Year's Resolution 2017

Coming up with a great New Year’s resolution can be tough. The classics are cliché and tired, maybe just a little uninspiring. But anything too off-the-wall and you might be setting yourself up for failure with a resolution that is out of reach. So, as hunters and fishermen, lets all keep our New Year’s resolution focused on our passion for the outdoors. And if you still can’t decide on one, here is a grab bag of New Year’s resolutions so you can just pick off this list and go to work making 2017 just as outdoorsy as you are.

1. Share! – Resolve to include our families more when we venture outdoors. Too often we keep our favorite activities to ourselves so make the extra effort to make some of your trips family friendly.

New Years Resolution Fishing with Family

2. Self Improvement – A lot of standard resolutions are for self improvement. This year, if you go that route, improve yourself for a reason. Get in shape…for a bucket list hunting or fishing trip. Learn a new language… to get around an awesome new destination. Be more patient… when waiting for that trophy. You get the idea.

3. Get Organized – More than a few of us can probably be described as hoarders when it comes to fishing and hunting equipment. Make this year the year when you are organized about it! Know where every hook, lure, and piece of gear can be found.

New Year's Resolution Get Organized

4. Teach – Remember all the times over the years that someone took time out of their day to teach you to be a better hunter or fishermen. Make 2017 the year where you pay that back or pay it forward. Take more opportunities to be a good steward of the sport and help fellow sportsmen.

5. Attack the Bucket List! – Check off at least one thing, maybe more, off of your fishing or hunting bucket list. Take the time in 2017 to target a new species or a new location.

6. Respect the Product – When we make the choice to harvest game we should do everything possible to ensure a high quality product. It is a matter of respecting the resources and our own time and money spent in the pursuit. Find a way to improve your processing or storage of any fish or game that you chose to harvest. Invest in a vacuum sealer, deep freezer, learn new processing techniques etc…

New Year's Resolution meat processing

7. Eat Better – With the improved fish and game meat you are harvesting, raise your level of cooking. Learn some new recipes, try some new techniques, think more about nutrition, and get out of your comfort zone.

8. Build Something – Spend less time with idle hands this year and resolve to build something. Build a tree stand, plant a food plot, build your own fishing rod… the sky is the limit but get hands on in 2017.

New Year's Resolution Build a Fishing Rod

9. Hone your Skills – Take some casting lessons, practice your accuracy, and learn everything you can about the location and species so when the time comes you can find, target, and get that trophy you have dreamed of.

10. Hunt and Fish More – The only cliché resolution we will dare to make is to hunt and fish more often. Honestly, if you have to pick a boring resolution you could do a lot worse. Spend more time in 2017 outdoors , doing what you love, than ever before.


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