MOABC: Mother Of All Bag Clips

(Photo: Handy Camel)
(Photo: Handy Camel)

I’ve written hundreds of product reviews over the years, mainly for hunting and shooting products… and I never thought I would be sitting down to tell my readers about a bag clip.

There’s a reason I’m doing it now, and that is the usefulness of the thing. You don’t have to be a hunter to appreciate this huge clip, but hunters can certainly benefit from it.

The Handy Camel Bag Clip is a fairly tremendous bag clip. Mine is 16-1/4″ long overall, with a 13-1/2″ opening. It’s constructed of two sturdy plastic parts which hinge at one end. When brought together, the two halves click together at the other end.

(Photo: Russ Chastain)
(Photo: Russ Chastain)

A generously-sized handle is formed on top of the clip.

(Photo: Handy Camel)
(Photo: Handy Camel)

I use mine to seal large 50-pound bags of dry dog food. The bag itself is wider than the clip’s mouth, but by simply flattening and folding the bag, I can make it fit. The clip keeps the food fresh while keeping bugs and other pests out of the food.

And when pouring the food into the plastic bin that I use each day to scoop my dog’s food, I can attach…

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