Carmine Galati Wins the 2017 Masters Angling Tournament in Los Sueños

2017 Masters Angling Tournament carmine galati first place angler

The Masters Angling Tournament dates back to 1963 and features a unique angler-centered format designed by John Rybovich, where individuals score points on their ability to hook and release billfish unassisted by the boat or crew. Once the fish is hooked, the boat is brought to a stop and the fight continues without the boat backing down on the billfish. Points are accrued based on the fastest time of release, and deducted for broken lines. Anglers also rotate among boats each day, where they are paired with other competitors, each using tournament-supplied line, leader and hooks. It’s a true test of angling ability.

In this year’s Masters, held in Los Sueños, Costa Rica, Carmine Galati emerged victorious. Galati scored zero points on the first of three fishing days but went on to have the high-point day of anyone in the field on Day Three to win the prestigious event with a total of 395 points. Last year’s winner, Chase Offield, finished in second place with 380 points, while Dale Creamer was third with 310 points. Sam Peters narrowly missed a top-three finish, placing…

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