8 Fly Fishing Rules for Bass

Largemouth bass are the most popular gamefish in the country. But among flyfishing circles, trout no doubt reign supreme. I love flyfishing for rainbows, browns, and cutties, sure. The truth is, though, that I’m a closet bass nut. Given that largemouths eat a wide variety of forage with reckless abandon, countless flies appeal to these predators. In fact, more and more modern bass patterns seem to hit the market annually, and interest in catching bass on the fly—in addition to other warm water species—is rapidly growing. So, whether you already hunt hawgs on the fly or are thinking about giving it a shot for the first time, these eight tips will help you fool ol’ bucketmouth this season.

1. Dim the Lights

If you want to up your success rate, fish early and fish late, especially during hot summer months. Yes, you can catch bass all day long with conventional gear. But finding similar such success becomes significantly more difficult on the fly during daylight hours, since your presentation options are fairly limited. You’ll only be able to cast so far, and you’ll only be able to fish so deep. Because of this, hit the water during low-light hours, when largemouth bass are more apt to be cruising or feeding in shallow water, where it’ll easier to find success with your fly.

This isn’t trout fishing, folks. In fact, you should approach it more like you would saltwater flyfishing. If you lift the rod when you set the hook on a big…

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