3 Homemade Fire Starters

For a diehard do-it-your-selfer, buying fire starters at the camping store is out of the question. You won’t be happy unless you’ve made your own incendiary helpers for wet weather and tough situations. Lucky for you, some simple household materials can turn into a fierce fire – if you know how to combine them. Here are three recipes for easy combustion, even in rainy weather

fire starters
Three types of homemade fire starters.

1. Vaseline and Cotton Balls

The crown jewel of homemade fire starters, this mixture of cotton balls and petroleum jelly is amazing. You can mush the pasty cold Vaseline into dry cotton balls, or dip the cotton into warm liquefied petroleum jelly for faster absorption. Store these in a watertight container, so that the jelly doesn’t melt and leak all over…

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