5 Best Fishing Spots in Colorado

With over 6,000 miles of fishable streams and rivers, Colorado has aptly been referred to as the fly fishing state. Colorado contains both warm and cold water fishing and boasts over 2000 lakes and reservoirs to catch the trout of your desire.

It’s estimated that over 950,000 people hunt and fish in Colorado each year. There are hunting and fishing spots available all over Colorado from small Montezuma County to Denver itself.

No matter where you live, chances are there’s a favorite fishing spot you’ve already claimed for yourself. For tourists to the state and residents looking to find the best fishing spots, we’ve created a list of our five favorite fishing spots.

Animus River: Biggest Trout

The large river boasts some of the biggest trout in all of Colorado. Stretching to over 100 feet wide at some areas, the Animus River is home to rainbows and browns that are typically 10-15 inches in length. People can access the river from Durango and the river is surrounded by rich wildlife and forestry that will keep you shaded. The state record for the biggest trout caught in the Animus River was over 20 pounds.

Schryver Park Kids Pond: Family Fishing

You’d never believe that Colorado Springs real estate would actually put you close to some of the best fishing spots in Colorado. Between Pikeview Reservoir and Prospect Lake, the city of 400,000 has made a name for itself as the hiking and fishing capital of Colorado.

While not its most famous fishing spot, Schryver Park at Manitou Springs offers clean mineral water and a relaxed setting to take the kids fishing. While not a large pond by any means, the game commission regularly stocks it with trout every year and it’s the perfect spot to take your kids on their first fishing trip. Besides this, Manitou Springs offers much for swimming and sights so you can keep your kids entertained if they get bored with fishing.

Corn Lake: Cold and Warm Water Fish  

Corn Lake is a great family fishing spot that features both warm and cold water fishing. Find everything from crappie, channel catfish, and largemouth bass. With public facilities nearby and hiking areas surrounding the lake, this is the perfect lake for a day out with family or friends. It offers a unique selection of fish due to its climate that you can’t find anywhere else in Colorado.

South Platte River: Fly Fishing

The South Platte River is packed with an estimated 4,000 fish per mile. With a great selection of rainbows and browns, this river remains one of the best for fly fishing in Colorado. It’s massive granite walls and dams offer beautiful sights for fishermen and most of the river remains accessible to the public.

Spinney Mountain Reservoir: Angling

This beautiful reservoir is perfect for angling and belly boating and has consistently been one of the most popular fishing destinations in Colorado. From fly fishing to trolling, this massive reservoir offers a host of different fish from salmon to trophy trout. Being relatively shallow, fishermen can catch massive rainbow trout from shore or boat.

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