2017 Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass & Bluefish Derby

Awards Ceremony at the Martha's Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby

Saturday Oct. 14th market end of the 72nd annual Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby and there was a record turnout of 3,382 anglers of all ages. Oct 15th was the awards ceremony and the exciting key/lock drawing for the Grand Winners. At the end of this 1 month+ Derby, one lucky angler won a free car and another lucky angler won a free boat! The Final Grand Winners are as follows:

51lb Striped Bass

Bluefish – Boat Mason Warburton 18.81 lbs.
Bluefish – Shore Robert Bottary 16.70 lbs.
Bass – Boat Stephen B. Hansel 51.05 lbs.
Bass – Shore (CAPE CODDER 19 WINNER) John C. Stasiuk 29.61 lbs.
Bonito – Boat Steve J. Baccelli 10.80 lbs.
Bonito – Shore Mark Campos 8.57 lbs.
Albacore – Boat (CLAY SUBARU WINNER) Trish Lyman 12.23 lbs.
Albacore – Shore Casey Elliston 12.56 lbs.
Grand Leader Boat Albacore
As is the tradition, the winners of the boat categories each get a key, only one of which will unlock the padlock and determine the winner of the free car! The car this year was a 2017 Subaru Crosstrek donated by Clay Subaru. Similarly the four winners in the shore division each get a key, one of which unlocked a padlock and earned the key-holder a new boat. This years boat was a CapeCodder 19′ donated by Cape Codder Boats of Lynn. Congrats to Trish Lyman for winning the Subaru, and John C. Stasiuk for winning a brand new boat!


We had a chance to interview Derby President Capt. Ed Jerome:
Q: What was unique to this years event?
A: You may remember that “Jose” brought 65 mph near-hurricane force winds, rain, and a 7′ storm surge inside the harbor! It scatteres the bait, the gamefish, and heavily affected the water quality around the island.
Q: Wow, what effect did that have on the fishing for the remainder of the Derby?
A: After the water cleared up, the fish schooled up again and overall the fishing reminded good. In fact, the Grand Leader striped bass was caught after the storm. At over 51lbs it was the biggest bass weighed in since 2007!
Grand Leader Striped Bass
Q: I guess that proves the merit of a long format tournament like this!
A: Exactly, and also the benefit of being on an island. After the worst of the storm passed, there was always somewhere fishable because you can always find the lee side of the island.
Q: What else stood out about the fishing?
A: The biggest fish, especially the big bass, were going rogue. They weren’t schooled up with the rest of the fish and the biggest fish seemed to bite out of nowhere.
Q: What were your favorite moments?
A: My favorite moments always center around the youngsters. It is amazing when they bringing in fish almost as big as they are. In addition, the excitement of opening the lock for a car or a boat, motor, and trailer by one of the first place winners is always exciting. I hold the microphone right next to the lock so when the loud sound of a “click” is heard, everyone knows it’s a winner!
Q: Did anything stand out during this years key ceremony?
A: One of our long time volunteers – Trish, who embodies the heart and soul of the Derby, went fishing as a guest of a local captain. She caught the Grand Leader Boat Albacore. There was a lot of excitement when she got on stage, she ended up winning the car to the delight of everyone at the awards ceremony.
Q. Who are the volunteers and sponsors who deserve a special thanks?
A: Mike Cassidy, a former Derby Chairman and now the morning Weigh Master, did an outstanding job. His humor and ability to stay on top of the morning operations was invaluable. Stacy Hall and Robin Jobert ran the computer stations, flawlessly entering the fish that were weighed in. Maryanne Jerome meticulously entered all of the contestants into the database. Needless to say, a big thanks goes out to Cape Codder Boats and Clay Subaru, the grand prize sponsors that donated a boat and motor and a new car.
Junior anglers get in on the action
Q: What does the derby mean to you, to the local community, and to youth involvement in the sport?
A:I have been involved in the leadership role of the Derby for the past 35 years and have watched the Derby consistently grow in numbers of anglers, quality of prizes, and numbers of fish brought to the scales. Throughout all of that growth, it has remained true to its goals. The Derby is designed to raise money for scholarships for Island High School graduates seeking careers in the marine sciences, provide funds for conservation of fish and the protection of the island’s natural beauty, and enhance the value of family and community. All of which make the Vineyard a very special place to live.
Q: Any big announcements for next years event?
A: We had 3,382 participants which was the largest number of registered participants in the history of the tournament. We will continue to do what is right and remain a lifelong and fun activity that can be enjoyed by youngsters and adults alike. We will continue to find ways to attract anglers from just about every corner of the world.
Thanks Ed! You can see the rest of the winners here:
Top Rod:
   All-Tackle Boat – Norman Bouchard,
   All-Tackle Shore – Tim Scott,
   Junior Boat – Volkert Kleeman,
   Junior Shore – Ryan Harding,
   Mini Jr Boat – Aubrey Warburton,
   Mini Jr Shore – Beckett Sheran
Thomas McCauley Award: Andrew Scheriff
MV Surfcasters Sportsmanship Award: Peter Johnson Beaulieu/Loud
Memorial Award: Chris, Ryan, and Shane Harding
Robert “Huff” Langley Award: Josh Kresel
Cutler Bike Shop Award: (boat) Tegan Fenner, (shore) Jack O’Connell
David Furino Memorial Award: Tom and John Rapone
Roberto Germani Catch & Release Award, Fly:
   albacore: David Nash,
   bonito: Charlie Harner,
   bluefish: Michael C. Vaughn,
   bass: Tim Sheran Roberto Germani
Roberto Germani Catch & Release Award, Spin:
   albacore: Cameron Maciel,
   bonito: Volkert Kleeman,
   bluefish: Luke El-Deiry,
   bass: Rich Mann
Madison Alwardt Memorial: (boat) Peter L. Jackson, (shore) Bruce W. Herdman
Ray Metcalf Memorial: (boat) Philip Stanton, Shore: Ron Domurat
Arnold Spofford Memorial: (boat) Andy A. Goldman,(shore) Mary Ann Angelone
Howie Leonard Memorial: (boat) Floyd C. Norton,(shore) Kathi M. Pogoda
The Wayne Jackson Memorial Award For the heaviest fish caught by a junior: Aubrey Warburton
The Victor Danberg Trophies For the heaviest bluefish caught by a junior boy and girl: Mason Warburton, Jocie L. Smith
The George H. Pye Award For the heaviest shore bluefish caught by a: (resident) Ron Domurat and (non-resident senior) Bruce W. Herdman
The James P. Catlow Memorial Award For the heaviest shore bluefish caught by a male resident: Ben T. Ciciora
The Thomas Nessa Memorial Award Awarded to the individual who weighs the heaviest striped bass on the first day of the tournament: John C. Stasiuk
The Bill Ashak Memorial Award Largest shore bass caught by a junior: Jake Scott
The Abe Williams Memorial Award Awarded to the first all-tackle angler to record a shore Grand Slam: Alexander O. Bettencourt
The Albert Angelone Memorial Award Awarded to the first Junior angler to weigh in a bonito: Wyatt O. Nicholson
The Bob “Hawkeye” Jacobs Award Awarded to the first team to weigh-in a shore grand slam: White Caps (Alexander Bettencourt, Luke Bettencourt)


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