How to Make a Shark Chum Drifter


  1. 3-inch welded stainless-steel ring
  2. 50-foot length of 3⁄8-inch nylon anchor line
  3. Crab-trap float
  4. 3-foot section of 1⁄8-inch stainless-steel rope (aka cable)
  5. Zinc-plated copper duplex sleeves for 1/8-inch cable
  6. Stainless snap


1. Eye-splice a 3-inch welded stainless-steel ring to one end of a 50-foot length of 3⁄8-inch nylon anchor line. Thread the other end of the rope through a crab-trap float and slide the float to within 3 feet of the stainless ring.

2. Make a figure-eight knot a few inches above the float and another just below it to prevent the float from sliding up and down the rope.

3. Crimp a…

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