Pursuing a Career as an Outdoor Education Instructor

Have you Considered a Career as an Outdoor Education Instructor?


At Outward Bound, the wilderness is our classroom.
Instructor Development courses include: a 7-10 day Wilderness Responder Course; in-depth workshops on technical skills such as rock climbing, canoeing, backpacking, sailing, sea kayaking and mountaineering; group dynamics, leadership and interpersonal skills development; and adventures with others who love the outdoors.
Why Become a Wilderness Instructor?
Careers in the Outdoors Pursuing a potential career involving outdoor education could go in many directions.
Outward Bound offers Instructor Development courses across the U.S. Where would you like to live, learn, and possibly work?
Instructor Development Course Components Beyond the variety of outdoor activities, all Instructor Development courses include certain core components that are part of every Outward Bound experience.
Leadership becomes a shared responsibility on an Outward Bound course, especially on Instructor courses.
As you work with peers and go through workshops and expeditions, you’ll take turns leading the group, and you’ll learn how to be an active and contributing follower as well.
Teaching experience is also a vital part of Instructor courses.
To lead others, especially in the wilderness, you must know yourself well.

Scientific Study Details the Impact of Outward Bound for Veterans

Scientific Study Proves Outward Bound for Veterans Has a Positive Impact


The study sampled 242 male U.S. military veterans who enrolled in Outward Bound for Veterans (OB4V) courses from 2012 to 2014.
The alignment between the OB4V treatment model and male veterans’ preferences likely helped promote therapeutic value and positive psychosocial outcomes for veterans in the present study.
OB4V is an innovative approach that begins to address what many refer to as a growing public health issue (Seal, 2011: Tanielian & Jaycox, 2008), characterized by increasing mental health issues and inadequate therapeutic programming to meet veterans’ unique needs.” (The Impact of Outward Bound Programming on Psychosocial Functioning for Male Military Veterans, Scheinfeld, Rochlen & Russell, Psychology of Men & Masculinity, August 2016) While the Outward Bound Veterans program serves both women and men, this research focused specifically on male service members.
Impact and Implications The study itself looked at two distinct factors: improvement in overall mental health symptoms, and conformity to traditional masculine norms.
The study compared a “treatment” group, who went on an Outward Bound for Veterans course, and a “waitlist” group with similar demographics who did not participate in an Outward Bound course.
“OB4V can provide improvement in veterans’ mental health symptoms regardless of their level of conformity to traditional masculine norms.” This groundbreaking research has important implications for anyone committed to supporting our nation’s vets.
Outward Bound gives veterans and service members the opportunity to re-contextualize these strengths in a civilian, peaceful setting.
“Outward Bound’s integration of adventure activity with informal emotional sharing is an important combination to help reduce emotional restriction and improve mental health symptoms.
Share and Support I encourage you to share this important research and recommend the Outward Bound for Veterans program with those who can take advantage of its many benefits.
Our program offers classic wilderness courses at no cost to the participant to veterans and active duty service members around the country.

Ask An Expert: Where Can I Camp?

Have You Ever Wondered “Where Can I Camp?”


Justin Inglis, an Outdoor School market coordinator in REI’s Flagstaff store, developed a class called “Where Can I Camp?” The focus is on Arizona, but the tactics are the same throughout the U.S.
According to Justin, your first consideration is, “What type of camping do you want to do?” Your two options are “designated” (think developed campground with numbered posts) or “dispersed” (a.k.a.
Designated campgrounds come with amenities like toilets, tables and treated water.
You find them in a wide variety of land-management areas: national parks, state and local parks, national forests, Bureau of Land Management (BLM) areas, tribal lands and private property.
“Know what type of land you’re stepping onto,” says Justin, “because camping rules and options vary with each one.” National parks offer the most developed, most expensive, most booked-ahead-of-time designated campgrounds.
Dispersed camping is widely available in national forests and BLM lands, both of which will also have some designated campgrounds.
“The general rule,” says Justin, “is that you can camp just about anywhere that’s not a designated site or specifically listed as off-limits for camping.” Check out the website of the forest or BLM unit you plan to visit to find out its special rules.
“Management tends to be spotty,” says Justin, “so be prepared to call them 50 times, if that’s what it takes.” Private land is also an option.
A few of these other federal lands might offer camping, though it’s rare.
A Nationwide Reservation System for Federal Lands For a national database of reservable sites on all sorts of federal lands (including national parks and national forests), check out

I Love Outward Bound

There is a lot to Love About Outward Bound


I Love Outward Bound.
As millions of people focus on expressions of love and appreciation, Outward Bound dipped into its universe of devotees to see what people love about their Outward Bound experiences.
Below are a few of our favorite excerpts about how some of our students feel about Outward Bound: I Love the Skills I Learned and the Confidence I Found “In the 31 days of sailing, rock climbing, hiking and white water canoeing I expected to learn some survival basics, navigation and wilderness skills.
The week long experience forced me out of my comfort zone both physically and emotionally.
I had amazing guides who really dug in and brought our whole group through.
Thank you Outward Bound for building my confidence and self-reliance.” – Allyson “I love Outward Bound because it helped me realize that self reliance is a beacon in a world full of things that will let you fall.” – Meredith I Love the Beauty I Discovered “Outward Bound made me realize the kind of person I want to be, and gave me the tools to know how to become it.
Outward Bound taught me that I am a strong and determined person and the importance of enjoying the moment and the magic of nature.
Outward Bound is an amazing experience.” – Claire I Love the Person Outward Bound Helped Me Become “Everything that I do today is because I went to Outward Bound.
I learned what it was like to have grit, I gained more confidence in myself, and I have made life long friendships with the people I spent those 50 days with.
I can’t thank Outward Bound enough.” – Chelsea “The Outward Bound expedition I attended allowed me to discover a self confidence and focus that propelled me to success through my high school years and into adulthood.

Pro Tip: Renew Your Passport Right Now

Renew Your Passport Right Now To Avoid The Rush


In the next three years, CNN reports, 49 million passports are going to expire.
Passport requests skyrocketed—18 million were issued in that year alone.
But that’s not the only reason to get a jumpstart on your renewal process.
Many European countries won’t accept travelers visiting within six months of their passport’s expiration date—so your decade-long passport really only lasts nine years now.
How Do I Renew?
It does make a good travel ID card, however.
Requirements for children under 16 are more stringent (and cannot be done via mail), so budget additional time to go in person to an acceptance facility with your minor before your next international trip.
Some countries require a certain number of blank passport pages.
As of 2016, you can’t add pages to your passport book so if you travel a lot, consider checking the box for a 52-page book (at no extra charge) when you renew.
Happy travels!