Seven Impressive Outdoor Feats

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A look back at some of the most storied accomplishments by women athletes and adventurers over the past 100 years.

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1926: Gertrude Ederle

Photo: Sueddeutsche Zeitung Photo/Alamy

Gertrude Ederle swims the English Channel in 14 hours 34 minutes—eight hours faster than the first man did in 1857.

1966: Bobbi Gibb

bobbi gibb
Photo: Courtesy Of Yarrow Kraner

Despite receiving a letter from Boston Marathon organizers explaining that women aren’t capable of running 26.2 miles, Bobbi Gibb hides in the bushes near the start line and runs it anyway, finishing in 3:21:40, ahead of two-thirds of the field. (In 2016, a total of 12,166 women finished the race.)

1978: Naomi Christine James

Photo: Ajax News and Feature Service/Al

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