The Road-Tripper Essentials

The Road-Tripper’s Toolkit
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Packing a car full of gear can be overwhelming, so it’s always wise to have a list of a few essentials. Photo: Micky Wiswedel / Stocksy

On shorter road trips, you almost always know where you’re going and where you’re staying every night. But it’s hard to scale that level of preparation throughout a truly ambitious road trip. To help you navigate those longer journeys, we came up with seven items that should be in every trunk.

The North Face Dolomite 20 Sleeping Bag ($99)

Photo: Courtesy of The North Face

Suppose you’re stuck in your car for the night. It’s cold, but keeping the heat on will run down battery. As temperatures drop, you’ll want something that fully unzips so you and your passengers can use it as a blanket. Though it has the look of your old-school sleepaway-camp bag, the Dolomite is among the most durable on the market and is made of all-synthetic, 30 percent recycled materials.

Tecnu Original Outdoor Skin Cleanser ($23)

Photo: Courtesy of Tecnu

If you plan to walk through any wooded area while on a road trip, there’s a decent chance…

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