Hawaii’s Secret Beaches

How to Find Hawaii's Secret Beaches
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Finding peace and quiet in the popular tourist state of Hawaii is surprisingly easier than you might think. Photo: Kicka Witte / Pacific Stock / Aurora Photos

Perfect white-sand beaches exist all over Hawaii, but many are filled with sand castles, surfers, beach towels, and oceanfront resorts. Get ready to wander a little off the beaten path on your way to these six blissfully empty beaches.

Kanaio Beach, Maui

The Hoapili Trail starts at a parking area at La Perouse Bay in south Maui and traverses through a barren, lava-strewn landscape for about 2.5 miles to this desolate black-and-white-sand beach. The trail is also known as the King’s Highway because it was once a walking path reserved for royalty. You’ll find remains from an old fishing village along the way.

Kauapea Beach, Kauai

You’ll walk 15 minutes down a steep path before arriving at this flawless strip of gold sand on the north shore of Kauai, bordered by steep cliffs. It isn’t that hard to get to, but Kauapea is often called Secret Beach and is secluded enough that folks occasionally sunbathe naked without anyone noticing. The trailhead isn’t marked, so ask around for directions. You’ll find it near the town of…

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