Farm to Table Without the Farm!

Boost the color and flavor of your home with an indoor garden

You don’t need a farm, or even a yard, to grow fruits and vegetables. Whether you live in a cramped space in an urban jungle or a McMansion in the sprawling suburbs, you can tap the interior of your abode to grow produce with the help of Indoor Edible Garden.

Using clear language and beautiful visuals, British author Zia Allaway breaks down into manageable steps the process of growing food inside, starting with planting through to harvesting. “I hope it inspires people to garden,” says Allaway. “It’s relaxing for you and in the end you get something to eat for it. A lot of these plants are beautiful besides providing food.”

The book provides how-tos for projects that range in difficulty—from a simple row of potted herbs to crafty edible orchids mounted on bark. Microgreens in cupcake tins is one of the easiest projects, while growing fruit like nectarines and figs pose an interesting challenge even for seasoned gardeners. “Everyone will find something they can do even if you absolutely know nothing about gardening.” She suggests that budding gardeners start with herbs and other level one projects, then progress to harder projects as they build confidence.

Each project includes information about lighting requirements—as with any plant, light is key to plant growth, and different plants have different preferences. Have a well lit, warm, sunny windowsill?…

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