Ergonomic Packs Are More Body-Friendly Than Ever

Lumbar pain, muscle cramps, bruises, and hip discomfort. These are common complaints on the trail, especially among seasoned hikers and backpackers who have spent years pursuing adventure. Which is why technical-pack designers are increasingly taking ergonomics—the science of tailoring products and workplaces according to how the human body functions—into consideration. Don’t let poor design sideline you from the trail. Instead, select a body-friendly pack.

Aether AG and Ariel AG packs
Aether AG and Ariel AG packs

Earlier this year, Osprey unveiled Aether AG and Ariel AG packs for men and women, in multiple sizes, with a capacity to carry 82 to 88 liters (Aether) and 69 to 75 liters (Ariel). Because no two hikers are shaped alike,…

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