Get Started bowfishing with this Essential Gear

To bowfish is pure archery fun. Warm weather, fast action and plenty of shooting make bowfishing a great off-season activity. Even so, it requires specialized equipment and a different approach to shooting than big-game hunting.



Archers use recurves and compounds to bowfish. Recurve bows are the more affordable option. When buying a recurve bow, make sure you can mount bowfishing accessories to it. The bow should have a stabilizer bushing or sight-mount holes for mounting a bowfishing reel. An archery store can help you choose a recurve for bowfishing.

Compound bows offer a compact package for easy maneuvering in a boat. They also generate faster arrow speeds than recurve bows. Some compound bows are built specifically for bowfishing so they can be shot with fingers. They also have a consistent draw weight, much like a recurve, for fast shooting.

You could also convert your hunting bow to a bowfishing rig. However, it’s best to dedicate a bow to bowfishing. Bowfishing-specific compounds are inexpensive and, unlike your hunting bow, they’re built to handle bowfishing’s harsh conditions. Complete bowfishing rigs are available at archery stores. They come with everything you need to start bowfishing, and cost less than buying all the accessories individually.

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