Is a Guided Fishing Trip Your Best Bet?

DSCF1244How do you define a great day of fishing? For some, merely getting out on the water is a cause for celebration, no matter if they catch something or not. For others, it is defined by not only catching something, but catching a specific fish in a specific lake, river, or ocean.

Let’s be honest, a fishing trip is definitely better when you do catch something and many times the key to doing that is to hire a captain or outfitter to help find that catch you are dreaming of. These experts will provide the gear you need but, more than that, they posses the knowledge and expertise that the average fisherman probably does not. Here are some reasons why we think a guided fishing trip could be your best bet:

Guides Know Where the Fish Are

If you are a looking to find a specific fish in a specific location would you know where to begin? You could do some research and hope you find the right spot, or you could hire a captain to take you to the spot the fish usually like to hang out. Not only will a captain or outfitter deliver you to the best location, but they will also offer advice on how to reel in that dream catch once you arrive.

Less Stress for the Novice

Experienced captains are great for beginning fishermen and even the more experienced angler trying to catch something specific for the first time. Imagine that you {finally} convince your tween sons to spend the day with you and try fishing for the first time. You could spend hundreds of dollars on equipment, devote hours and hours to research and then hit the water and feel lost. In contrast, a captain can provide the equipment and drive the boat while offering hands-on instruction your sons might actually listen to.

Less Work for the Veteran Angler

Even if you are an experienced angler there’s a lot to be said for the local expertise an outfitter can bring to the table. A captain eliminates much of the hassle you deal with on a typical day on the water. By hiring an expert, you won’t have to worry about gassing up the boat, hitting the bait shop, or—with some—remembering to pack a lunch. Instead, you can focus on the fish … and just the fish.

Whether you are fishing with your family while on vacation in the Florida Keys or with your college buddies on a nearby river, hiring a guide can take a good day of fishing and transform it into a great day of fishing. A guide’s primary goal is to help you catch the fish you want while having a good time, period. And while fishing trips in which you end up catching nothing can be still be fun, nothing beats the perfect day on the water and the feeling of that fish tugging on your line.



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