River Rock’s 2 3/4-inch Fat Stick Smallmouth Bait

Travis Myers of Paw Paw, West Virginia, contacted the Finesse News Network on Mar. 26 and reported that he had crossed paths with Robert Shue of Waynesboro, Virginia. And Myers was euphoric about Shue’s 2 3/4-inch Fat Stick.

Shue is the proprietor of River Rock Custom Baits, which he created in 2010. And he is also an ardent and veteran black bass angler, who possesses a special passion for pursuing the smallmouth bass that abide in the streams that enhance the countryside in his part of the world.

The 2 3/4-inch Fat Stick is a hand-poured Senko-style bait. It is not impregnated with salt. Therefore, it floats. In fact, Shue refers to them as “floating sticks.”

In early February, one of Myers’ friends sent him a small box of Fat Sticks. Since then, it has become his primary tool for catching the smallmouth bass that abide in the rivers and streams that crisscross the landscape of northeastern West Virginia.

Myers says the Fat Stick is tailor made for river smallmouth bass anglers, exclaiming that it is the finest Senko-style bait that he has ever affixed to a mushroom-style jig. According to Myers, it exhibits the most enthralling and unique undulations and quivers that he has ever seen.

Because of Mother Nature’s unusually benevolent ways and the 2 3/4-inch Fat Stick, Myers enjoyed the most fruitful February he has ever had in his 11 years of pursuing riverine smallmouth bass in West Virginia.

Myers reports that the Fat Stick is relatively durable, and he extends the durability by using both ends of it. For example, when the head of the Fat Stick becomes too tattered and torn to stay firmly affixed to a…

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