Maintenance for Your Boat’s Transducers

You probably don’t think much about the transducer for your fish finder until it malfunctions, and you consider the prospects of buying and installing a new one. But there are steps you can take to keep your current transducer performing at its peak and prolong its useful life. Here are seven tips for maintenance and fixing minor issues, gleaned from material provided by the leading manufacturer of marine transducers, Airmar Technology Corp. In some cases, you might need to haul the boat or put it on a trailer to perform these steps properly.

Use a soft cloth and mild household detergent such as Joy Liquid to keep the transducer face free of marine growth and petroleum residue. Avoid stiff- bristle brushes or high-pressure washer on the transducer. In cases of extreme marine growth, gently use a Scotch-Brite pad with mild household detergent, but be careful not to scratch the transducer face.

Transducer surfaces in constant contact with salt water must be coated with anti-fouling paint, according to Simrad. Use water-based anti-fouling paint only. Never use ketone-based paint, since ketones can attack many types of plastic and possibly damage the transducer.

If you have a multi-element chirp…

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