Best New Duck Boats for 2017 – Wildfowl

New Duck Boats for 2017


Best New Duck Boats for 2017 – Wildfowl.
Choosing a new duck boat isn’t easy simply because there are so many great designs our there just for waterfowlers.
There’s something for every style of hunting and every budget.
Deciding on a boat that will get you to the birds reliably, safely and quickly can be a hassle, but don’t fret.
We’ve made shopping for a new duck boat a little easier by narrowing the new crop of duck sleds and highlighting some of our favorite new boats for 2017.
Why not take a Gladiator?
Mossy Oak Bottomland camo is standard.
So are float boxes, an adjustable hand rail, rear pods and a Linex floor liner.
The Gladiator is built with .100-gauge aluminum and rated for 40-hp.
It’s 17’ 4” long and 50” wide.

2017 Bear Forecast

2017’s Sunny Bear Forecast


Amazing progress.
In 2014, I reported that 75 percent of the 43 responding states and provinces evaluated their bear hunting opportunities as “Very Good” or “Excellent.” This year that category has grown to 85 percent, and looks to continue an upward climb.
Six states showed notable increases in their bear harvest between 2015 and 2016, and 98 percent of respondents evaluated their bear numbers as “Stable” or “Growing.” Notably, Pennsylvania has “huntable bear populations in over three-quarters of the state.” Impressive.
In 2015, I told you about a possible spring season in Ontario, Canada.
One of my favorite projects to follow was the New Jersey initiative to have an archery-only season, which became a reality in 2016.
Mike Madonia, the Black Bear Project Leader, said that the past season had a record harvest of bears, and the archery-only hunt in October was a major reason why.
Over 30 states contributed hunters to New Jersey bear hunting, and the success rate was solid at 30 percent.
New Jersey bears increased substantially over the last three seasons, and bear numbers are projected to increase again as this Forecast goes to print.
Also, there are multi-species opportunities that can take advantage of not just food crops, but also the time of year afield.
A spring season is available in most Canadian provinces, but only in nine U.S. states (all of which are in the West, including Alaska).

Life Lessons from Trap Shooting

Trap Shooting Teaches Life Lessons


Life Lessons from Trap Shooting.
What I said was: “Trap shooting doesn’t teach you a lot about shooting shotguns, but it teaches you a lot about other important stuff.” Trap teaches two very important shooting lessons.
It teaches you to keep your eye on the target and your head on the stock.
Trap can also reinforce some negative behaviors.
What’s worse is that because the angles in trap are shallow, you can be very successful aiming right down the gun barrel and shooting a trap gun like a rifle.
And that’s fine for trap, and for a lot of upland shooting, but not when it comes time to shoot any kind of bird that requires some lead.
Then you have to learn to get your eyes off the gun barrel, because if you’re aiming your gun at a crossing duck or dove, you’re going to shoot behind it.
Skeet and sporting clays are much better games for learning how to wingshoot, in my opinion.
Earlier this week, for instance, one of the kids on our trap team shot 196×200 at the state shoot.
All they can control is they how they react to the next target.

Hot Gear: Go Old School with Cool Limited Edition Binoculars

Old School Binoculars Are Back


Nikon is pleased to announce a special 100th Anniversary Edition of the esteemed 8×30 EII binocular as part of its celebration of a century of optics-making experience.
This limited edition model offers all of the performance aspects of the Nikon EII together with enhanced features, specifications — and limited production of 400 units worldwide — that will set it apart for collectors and optics aficionados.
Since the original 8×30 E was introduced nearly 40 years ago, the E Series has become one of Nikon’s best and longest selling binoculars.
It is recognized as “the standard” amongst Nikon binocular fans.
It continues today with sustained popularity.
While maintaining the superior optics and magnesium-alloy body design of the current 8×30 EII, the 100th Anniversary Edition model offers the following changes that will be offered exclusively during the 100th anniversary campaign period.
Anniversary Edition Unique Features — Exclusive metallic grey body color with 100th Anniversary logo imprinted on the objective side.
— 100th Anniversary Model Limited to 400 Produced Worldwide — Special 100th Anniversary edition neckstrap and case.
Suggested retail price is $799.95.
For more information visit