Finesse Those Flounder!

Catch More Flounder!


Wind With Tide = Drift Overwhelmingly, I’ve had an edge fishing aboard my friend Captain Jason Colby’s Little Sister!
Two factors he focuses on are chumming and drifting with the tide.
Obviously, when targeting a fish that lies belly to the bottom, you have to keep your offering on the bottom.
Most days, even aboard Captain Colby’s boat, use a rig with two hooks on the bottom.
However, the top and bottom hook placement was always the preferred presentation even during the halcyon days of the 60s and 70s, when the harbor bottoms seemed tiled with them.
Increasingly the harbor is growing diverse with tautog, black sea bass and apparently more stripers than in years.
Hook any of those fish on a puny hook and they’ll bend them into a pretzel.
One of the reasons I increase the size of the hook is that I prefer putting a bigger piece of bait out there.
The geometry of the wide gap along with the 1/0 size allows the angler to wind a bigger piece of clam on the hook.
Simply leaving your bait on the bottom is a feckless effort.

White Bass

The Under-Appreciated White Bass


White Bass.
This underappreciated game fish is a great fly rod quarry, especially during the spring spawning run.
[by Phil Monahan] The white bass (Morone chrysops) hails from parts of the Mississippi and Ohio drainages where fly fishing was never the predominate method of angling, as well as from the Great Lakes and Upper Midwest, which are inhabited by other, sexier species such as trout, steelhead, and smallmouth bass.
But because the species is easy to stock, grows quickly, and is a prolific spawner, it has been introduced from coast to coast, and a small cadre of anglers enjoys targeting the hard-fighting fish, especially during the springtime spawning run.
This is the best time for fly fishers to strip or swing baitfish patterns to intercept schools of fish on the move.
If you time things right, you can run into huge numbers of fish during the spring spawning run, allowing you to hook and fight fish until your arms are tired.
More commonly, they are called wipers, whiterock bass, or simply hybrids.
A hybrid is usually more football-shaped and has more distinct stripes than those on a white bass.
The world-record wiper, at 27 pounds, is more than three times heavier than the record white bass.
This phenomenon, known as breaking, often produces some of the fastest fishing for anglers

Top Twelve Compete in MFL Championship

Top Twelve in MLF Championship


MLF’s 12 Best of the Best compete in General Tire World Champion 2017 TULSA, Okla. (June 22, 2017 ) – Major League Fishing (MLF) officials announce the 12 anglers who have qualified to compete in the inaugural General Tire World Championship presented by Bass Pro Shops, and that the first matches are scheduled to debut on CBS and CBS Sports Network beginning Saturday, June 24.
The championship lineup reads like a “Who’s Who” list of professional bass anglers, consisting of Kevin VanDam, Mike Iaconelli, Greg Hackney, Edwin Evers, Boyd Duckett, Gary Klein, Tim Horton, Mark Davis, Aaron Martens, Jeff Kriet, Bobby Lane and Mike McClelland.
For more information about the championship and MLF, visit
About Major League Fishing Developed through a joint effort between Outdoor Channel and two dozen premier bass fishing anglers in 2011, Major League Fishing brings the high-intensity sport of competitive bass fishing into America’s living rooms in the form of riveting two-hour TV episodes.
Twenty-four world-class anglers are filmed over the course of a six-day event.
The show captures their efforts as they utilize a demanding format that allows them to weigh all the “scorable bass” they catch.
Unlike other competitive fishing events, live leaderboards in the boats allow anglers to know their standings at all times.
For over 100 years General Tire has offered a complete quality line of ultra-high performance, passenger, light truck, off-road and commercial tires to meet all your needs.
Team GT supports athletes: CJ Hutchins, Jim Beaver, Jeff Proctor, Chase Motorsports, Doug Fortin, Eric Fitch, Jim Riley, Camburg Racing, Lee Banning Sr., Bryan Folks, Jerett Brooks, Stan Shelton, Skeet Reese, Edwin Evers, John Crews, Britt Myers and Bill McDonald.
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Build the Best 3 Travel Fishing Rods

3 Travel Rods to Build


Build the Best 3 Travel Fishing Rods.
Whether you’re taking a fishing trip or just sneaking away from your family vacation to make it one, Mud Hole After Hours is back to talk about building the best travel rods for your destination fishing.
Here are the top 3 destination travel rods to build: The Most Valuable Travel Rod for Keys or Stream Fishing When you’re heading down to the Florida Keys, but all you can think of is hooking up on a bonefish and hearing that reel squeal as your fight begins, the TFW781-3-MHX will be the best light travel rod to keep in mind.
Although great in lighter applications, the TFW781-3-MHX is also perfect to hand over to your kids.
The Perfect Travel Rod for Your Tropical Vacation Maybe your trip is all about a target species, or maybe you’re just slipping away from that island getaway to catch some fish, either way the TFW842-3-MHX builds you the best spinning travel rod to have alongside.
Dialing the power back compared to the casting travel rod, this TFW842-3-MHX is engineered with a moderate fast action and a light power to maximize your hook ups and catch all the fishing fun fish out on the water.
The TFW842-3-MHX performs best when throwing 6-10 pound line and 1/16-5/16 oz lures, especially in freshwater and light saltwater applications.
Namely, ferrule wraps on each section are necessary before you hit you the water.
MHX is proud to engineer performance driven rod blanks for any occasion.
If there’s water, chances are there’s also fish, so see what you could catch on your next vacation.