Simms Issues S.O.S. Call

Simms Save Our Streams

It’s natural to only worry about the fishing issues that affect you directly. Recently, I received a press release from Simms about the company’s new Save Our Streams initiative that will raise money for waterways threatened by mining, pollution, and closure through the sale of limited edition T-Shirts. Every month, the company will release a different T-shirt to raise funds for a different river. April’s focus is the Yellowstone River. The Yellowstone is a long way from the Northeast, and it’s unlikely that I’ll ever wade and fish it myself. Despite my impulse to keep scrolling through my inbox, I took a moment to think how much I’d like the support of western anglers to protect the Delaware River or the continued restoration of the Penobscot River (read more about the Penobscot’s revival in the May Issue of On The Water New England), or any number of waterways here in the Northeast. It served as a reminder that, as anglers, we’re all in this together, and what’s good for some of us, is ultimately good for all of us.

Here’s what Simms has to say about Save Our Streams:

Across the United States, a multitude of watersheds, beloved by anglers, and relied upon by fishing focused businesses face great threats in the form of mines, pollution, closure and more. Anglers have a special appreciation of, and personal relationship with these bodies of water but the reality is, their health has a direct effect on more than just the fishing community.

“The health of our rivers…

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